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Today in Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Twenty-Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
22 October 2017

The Communion of the Holy Spirit

It has been several years since the new version of the Roman Missal was introduced. We have begun to grow more accustomed to the responses that are more literal translations of the Latin text. One of the changes in the Introductory Rites was the replacement of the word “fellowship” with “communion.” It may not seem like much, but words are formative and have a powerful effect on the way that we think and behave. A fellowship is centered on a common purpose or goal that is shared by a diverse and committed group. A communion is a more intimate description of a distinct relationship that is centered on both the journey and the goal in a singular and unified purpose. When we are addressed as the communion of the Holy Spirit, we are more fully recognized and affirmed as the Church.

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church is a parish newly established on west 106th Street near Michigan Road. Last Sunday about fifty St. Elizabeth Seton parishioners maneuvered the round-a-bouts for a Latin and Greek dialogue on religious art, architecture and liturgical practice. This was the second in what we hope will become a frequent series of opportunities to explore the rich heritage that both our traditions represent in the life of the Church. Father William Bartz, the pastor of Holy Trinity, was a most gracious host for a discussion and church tour with his associate pastor Father Lucas Christensen. During the presentation I gradually became more aware of an insight that has eluded me until recently.

Since the Second Vatican Council, and even prior to that time, the ecumenical movement has gained acceptance and become more mainstream in the diverse Christian communities. Once we could never imagine stepping foot into the worship space of another congregation, now we have begun to recognize that we all share in the fellowship of Christianity. We have a common purpose to proclaim the gospel as Christians. Our diversity is not a liability; it is an asset! Over the last thirty five years I have participated in any number of Christian ecumenical efforts, but this is the first time that I have been in close contact with a vibrant Orthodox Church. The difference was noticeable. As Roman Catholics, most of us have had little or no contact with the Orthodox. We are more experienced with Protestant Christianity. But it has occurred to me that the family of Christians is not unlike any other family. We have cousins, and we have siblings. We are all related, but not as close, and not in the same way. We share in a fellowship, but not in a communion. Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox are like brothers who had a fight and are trying to make up. It has been about a thousand years now, and I think it is about time. Personally, I do not believe this is the job for the bishops and hierarchs of the Church. It might just be the job of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox and St. Elizabeth Seton Roman Catholic to finally bury the hatchet and embrace each other as the brothers we really are and always have been.

Fr. Ted 



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