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Tax Savings
Contributions, including gifts of publicly-traded securities, made to the church qualify for a charitable contribution deduction under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. The church is a tax-exempt organization described in Section 501 (c) (2). Its federal taxpayer identification number is 35-1508839.

For federal income tax purposes, fair market value of the gift is deductible assuming you itemize your deductions for the year in which ownership in the security is transferred to the church.

Prudent tax planning indicates that securities, in which current fair market value is less than your cost basis, be sold by you in order for you to claim the loss for possible tax benefits. The net proceeds from such a loss sale would be available for a charitable contribution to the church.

Special Opportunity for Tax Savings
If takeover of a company in which you hold appreciated stock is imminent, consider giving the stock to the church instead of tendering it. You may avoid the tax on the appreciation and receive a charitable deduction instead. The church will incur no tax when it tenders the shares.

Delivery of Stock Transfer by Mail
On the back of the stock certificate you wish to contribute, or on a stock power form, ‘assign’ the shares to the church and have a qualified witness “medallion guarantee” your signature. Be sure to sign your name as recorded on the face of the stock certificate.

Send stock certificate(s) by registered mail to:
David A. Noyes & Co., DTC #0141
Attn: Russell Bauman
Account number: 4835-5901
250 W. 96th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46260

In a separate envelope, complete and enclose the Stock Transfer Gift Form click here to print stock transfer form. This will authorize the deposit of your stock certificate into the Church’s account and it serves as an additional record of your generous gift. Upon receipt, the donated stock will be deposited in the Church’s account and into the designated fund.

Caution: If you simply tell the broker to sell appreciated securities in your account and send the proceeds to the Church, the gain on the sale will likely be attributed and taxable to you.

Broker Delivery of Stock Transfer (preferred method)
Instruct your broker to contribute your stock ownership to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, federal taxpayer identification number 35-1508839. Your broker may contact David A. Noyes & Co., Chicago, IL at 1-800-285-1700 to arrange with either Russell Bauman, or his associate, Pam Clark, for wire transfer of your contributed stock into the Church’s account.

Please click here to print the stock transfer form. Provide the form to your financial advisor to complete your transaction. The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church Account number is 4835-5901. This will authorize the deposit of your stock certificate into the Church’s account and serve as an additional record of your generous gift.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q My stock is not held by a broker and my certificate is for more shares than I want to contribute. How do I proceed?
A Deliver the certificate to the church with instructions to return a new certificate to you for the number of shares you want to keep. Include your Social Security Number and home address. David A. Noyes & Co. will have a new certificate issued and sent to you.

Caution: If you submit your certificate to the transfer agent yourself for re-registration, considerable delay may occur. The date of the gift will not occur until the shares are registered in the church’s name on the issuer’s books.

Q What kind of receipt will I get from the Church?
A You will receive a confirmation of the sale of the securities. You should contact your tax advisor regarding valuation for tax purposes and IRS form 8283, which is required in most cases to be attached to your income tax return for the charitable contribution deduction. Valuation for tax purposes is ultimately the donor’s responsibility.

Information contained herein is not intended as legal or tax advice. You should consult your personal advisor if legal or expert assistance is required. The purpose of this publication is to provide accurate and authoritative information of a general nature only.  


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